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Benedictine University Website

For Benedictine University’s online programs website redesign one of the primary pages I focused on reworking was the layout for was the Program Overview page. Obviously, the program pages are the bread and butter of a university’s website, and based on how the previous site was designed, the pages were hard to navigate and browse with paragraph after paragraph of text with no real focus on layout, visual flow or any UX considerations.

I started by bringing some key items into clearer focus, such as the program completion time. Instead of hiding it within paragraphs of content, I placed it on the top of the page and gave it a bold, typographical treatment. I also gave a “feature” area to highlight program-centric videos as well as statistics about the program. Below that, to make the content that needed to be more text-heavy easier to read, I put the laid it out into two columns so it was easier on user’s eyes. Finally, to close out the page and hopefully help answer some potential questions on the program, I gave an easy-to-read list with facts about why to choose the program along with a student testimonial talking about their personal experiences within the program.

Desktop layout.


Tablet layout.
Mobile view.


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