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Career Guide

Those looking to get a Master’s degree are hyper-focused on the ROI on the cost of that education. That was the focus of the design of the Saint Mary’s of Minnesota Online Programs Career Guide. I worked with the brand manager and senior copywriter to put together a comprehensive guide for potential students. Some items it covers are career applications, potential employers, and salary information.

My goal was to design a guide that was not only visually attractive, but also user friendly, by optimizing the typographical treatment of the information to make it easy to read and quick to comprehend.

From a visual perspective, I truly wanted to incorporate the imagery within the typography so it felt like a solid piece.  I truly enjoyed working on the design of this project and believe it was a successful outcome.

It was also warmly received by the school and is currently in use and is available on Saint Mary’s gated landing page as a download.

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