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“Launch” App Design

As part of my “Design Sprint Foundations” course on Udacity, I designed a hi-fidelity prototype of an app with the premise that it would help retention of students after they got accepted into a master’s program.

My long-term goal reflection was:
In two years… Wiley Education Services will increase student retention during the app-to-start period by at least 50%.

My sprint questions were:

Can we…get people to download an app?

Can we… get people to open and engage with emails and texts?

Can we… get people to engage daily/weekly with an app or web experience?

Initial sketches of app.
Continuation of app sketches.
Initial sketches of inspirational and informational app alerts.

Based off of the initial lo-fi sketches, I created the storyboards.

Storyboard of user experience.

Based off of the storyboard, I created the hi-fidelity prototype. Please note: at this point I changed the name to “Launch.”

Initial email invitation for app download
Landing page
Loading screen
Inspirational / informational alerts screens

After user testing the experience, I gathered data and sorted into two categories, “likes” and “improvements to be made.”


• Like notifications and would appreciate even more options for personalization.

• Definitely would make user feel less apprehensive about starting the program.

• Made them feel like the school cares about them, is tech-savvy and appreciated that they’ve created a tool to engage in a way that makes them most comfortable.

Improvements to be made:

• Want to be able to use it beyond start of program through graduation.

• Want updates specific to courses (eg changes in test times, course updates, etc.)

• Would like to see even more career-specific content, like related articles.

• Would like to use tool as primary means of contact with program manager.

Based on user-test results, this app would:

• Increase user engagement.

• Make students less apprehensive not only from app-to-start but throughout the program.

• Improve brand value.

View hi-fidelity prototype

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