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The Challenge:

Recently, one of the partners at Wiley Education Services wanted to increase phone leads. It was asked of me to add a button to the navigation as well as design the experience for the appointment page.

My Approach:

I first considered the original wording typically used for our appointment scheduler. It’s been historically labeled “SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT.” But worded this way, would potential students question if they needed to visit campus? Possibly. So my first update was to word the button as “SCHEDULE CALL.’ This clarifies what the actual experience will be.

Schedule call button added to header.
Schedule call button added to header.

Second, the brand manager offered that she was open to options on how to best lay out the form and page. We kept the amount of form fields to a minimum to promote more potential students filling out the form.

Then I thought of that anxious student and how overwhelming the process of considering an MBA must be, so why not create an area on the page to explain to them what to expect when they first have that call? Based on that concern, I added a new section where we could alleviate some of those worries and titled it “WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR CALL.” Copy will be added by brand for launch. The mockup presented is shown below:

Schedule appointment form page example.
Schedule appointment form page example.

I always believe that there is time to step back from each project I work on to be considerate about the best solution. I look forward to seeing data on this solution post-launch.