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A brand manager in our UK office wanted to show the breadth of the University of Birmingham online student population around the globe. The only real direction as far as what type of experience she wanted to create was wanting ‘some sort of an interactive infographic’ as a visual representation.


My immediate thought was to utilize a Google API map and then customize the look and design to brand it for UOB. To add to the interactivity (besides being able to scroll and zoom as you would with any Google map), we had student testimonials that we could incorporate, so I concepted out clickable pop-ups within the map where we could show images of the students along with their testimonial.

Another feature was to create the functionality so that users also have the ability to easily filter between Master’s programs.

Finally, to continue to tell that story of the global scale and diversity of the online student population on the page, we also added some student blog posts and interviews beneath the map.


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