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Potential students were (a) not engaging with the content and filling out the form and (b) not recognizing that the program was online.


Clarified that it was an online program by highlighting the word “ONLINE” in the program title. Also pulled the content up on the page by decreasing the height of top image.

Made the contact info and form easy to scan by visually-aligning the info and form into the right column with the logo.

The outside agency that originally designed the page displayed paragraph after paragraph of content, making the page hard to scan for vital information that users want to find at a glance. The copywriter re-wrote the content to break it up so that it was easier to digest. I then laid out the page design to have more visual breaks and ‘call-outs’ of important information. This included: breaking out the specialisms; highlighting student opportunities; and highlighting the fact that 100% of graduates found graduate-level employment withing six months of graduation.

Based on user testing results, unqualified candidates were filling out the form which led to the hypothesis that they didn’t see the qualifications on the original design. To remedy this, I created a call-out section at the bottom of the page to highlight key information such as the duration, start dates and requirements.

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