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The Challenge:

Potential students were (a) not engaging with the content and filling out the request for information form and (b) not recognizing that the program was online.

My Approach:

I worked in tandem with our Senior Copywriter to rework both the content and design of the page. Here are some of the items that we updated:

  • To clarify that it was an online and not campus-based program,I highlighted the word “ONLINE” in the program title. I also pulled the content up higher on the page by decreasing the height of top image.
  • I visually-aligned all of the contact information into the right column with the logo and the request information form to make all of this information easily to scan for users.
  • The outside agency that originally designed the page displayed paragraph after paragraph of content, making the page hard to scan for vital information that users want to find at a glance. The copywriter re-wrote the content to break it up so that it was easier to digest. I then laid out the page design to have more visual breaks and ‘call-outs’ of important information. This included: breaking out the specialisms; highlighting student opportunities; and highlighting the fact that 100% of graduates found graduate-level employment withing six months of graduation.
  • Based on information provided by brand management, unqualified candidates were filling out the form, so clearly they didn’t see the qualifications on the previous design. To remedy this, I created a call-out section at the bottom of the page where I broke out the duration, start dates and requirements so users could clearly find this information when scanning the page.

View the before and after versions below:

Previous Version
Updated Version